Masonic Double Feature: BEA Matt Thomas Proves-Up and is Passed to the Fellowcraft Degree

Posted on March 8, 2019

Masonic tradition is rich with experiences and one that cannot be overlooked is that of a Brother putting in the work to pass the proficiency examination for each of his degrees. Last night marked the Lodge’s first proficiency of 2019 and BEA Thomas showed that he was indeed prepared in true Kenton fashion. Not only was the hard work put in by BEA Thomas and his coaches fruitful, it also brought them closer together as Brothers sharing this important experience.

After a successful examination the lodge proceeded without delay to confer the Fellowcraft Degree upon now BFC Thomas. The night saw Worshipful Brother Piazza confer his third degree during his year as master as well as multiple Brothers trying out new roles in the degree-work including Honored Brother Valan Primus taking on some of the aspects of the Senior Deacon’s role. The Staircase and G lectures were provided by Honored Brother Ian Cawley and Worshipful Brother Joseph Piazza respectively.

While the degree was wrapping up our own BEA Keirsey prepared our refreshment hall and cooked our meal. After adjourning upstairs and sating our appetites, Honored Brother Whittenburg lead the room in toasts and comments about the evening which flowed effortlessly into Kenton’s usual post-degree cigar and libation social hour.

The night also saw a casual meeting of members both of the Executive Committee and the Past Masters Council of the Lodge. The purpose was simply to look at where things stand as February came to a close and to make sure that all the moving parts of our Lodge are well oiled and in ship-shape. It was also a salient reminder of the strength in Brotherhood.

Visiting from Friendship Masonic Lodge No.160 was Worshipful Brother Robert Hopkins.

BFC Thomas’s degree will be followed by Kenton’s usual first and second Thursday schedule: That of our Officers & Trustees meeting on the 7th and our Stated Communication on the 14th. Tentatively scheduled for the 21st is an Entered Apprentice Degree for Mr. James Jun.


FC Degree - Matt Thomas - Official Pose

FC Degree - Matt Thomas - Kenton Pose

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