Robert Herd Speaks at Kenton Masonic Temple

Posted on July 24, 2016

Last night, WB Robert Herd, Author of The Initiatic Experience, gave a lecture based on his book at Kenton Masonic Temple. While the crowd was not as expected, the attendees were treated to a fantastic hour-long lecture that explored the deeper meanings of our fraternity’s initiatory rites, where it came from and how elements were passed from its ancient origins to the formation of the speculative form of our Craft.

WB Herd and the attendees were then treated to the typical Kenton hospitality, which became the backdrop to some of the most interesting conversations relating to the Masonic experience.


Robert Herd - Kenton Halo


Robert Herd - evening 01


Robert Herd - evening 02


Robert Herd - evening 03


Robert Herd - evening 04


Robert Herd - evening 05


Robert Herd - evening 06


Robert Herd - evening 07

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