Semper Prorsum: Zack Andrew Passes Through Fellowcraft Degree

Posted on May 24, 2019

After delivering an impressive Entered Apprentice proficiency last week before Brother Patrick Person’s Fellowcraft Degree, the lodge conferred the Fellowcraft Degree on Brother Zack Andrew last night in a beautiful ritual performance headed by WB Joseph Piazza.

Brother Magic Joe Andres, fellow Kenton member and Gresham Lodge no. 152’s current Junior Warden, was also present and brought along Gresham’s newest Fellowcraft, Brother Jacob Collins. Also present was WB Robert Hopkins, a member of Friendship Lodge no. 160 and various other lodges.

The brethren present were also treated to another proficiency examination, this time with Brother Kaid Collins giving his proficiency in the Fellowcraft Degree.

The lodge now looks forward to a busy June, with Grand Lodge Annual Communication, a presentation from Brother Kyle Grafstrom, and a series of Master Mason degrees.


Fellowcraft Degree - Zack Andrew - Official Pose

Fellowcraft Degree - Zack Andrew - Kenton Pose

Fellowcraft Degree - Zack Andrew - Single Pose

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