The November Stated Meeting: A Meeting for The Ages

Posted on November 18, 2019

The evening started with WB Joseph Piazza dropping his gavel at 7:33 PM, and ended with RWB Tom Binkerd dropping it at 10:30 PM. Kenton members are usually not accustomed to such a long stated meeting, but the events of the evening warranted the long meeting duration that included a mixture of formality, levity, introspection, concern, and appreciation.

The evening started with the usual formal dinner prepared by honored Brother Valan Primus and the culinary team consisting of spaghetti, baked salmon and veggies. As with almost everything that honored Brother Valan prepares for the lodge, the evening’s cuisine featured his signature Caribbean flare.

The lodge was then opened on the Master Mason Degree to formally receive RWB Tom Binkerd, District Deputy of the Grand Master of District no. 4, with lodge secretary WB Dale Palileo serving as his escort. The lodge was then called to refreshment and opened on the Entered Apprentice Degree to allow Entered Apprentice and Fellowcraft Masons to join and witness the meeting.

Other dignitaries were also present: WB Tom Herres, the official representative of the Grand Lodge of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons in Illinois to the Grand Lodge of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons in Oregon, and RWB Moises Gomez, Grand Historian of the Grand Lodge of New Jersey. Both brothers were escorted to the East per the direction of WB Joseph Piazza.

Sitting Worshipful Masters of two visiting lodges were also formally introduced: WB Phil Myers, Worshipful Master of Oregon Military Lodge no. 223 and WB Stephen Barkley, Worshipful Master of Beaverton Lodge no. 100.

Various visitors from both Oregon Military Lodge no. 223 and Beaverton Lodge no. 100 were also introduced, as well as the lodge’s usual visitors, namely Brothers Aaron Clark and Max Ehrlich from Willamette Lodge no. 2 and Culver City – Foshay Lodge no. 467 under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of California F. & A. M. respectively.

The lodge also observed a moment of silent prayer for Brother Hunter Bronson’s father, who is currently battling a bout with cancer.

After the usual stated meeting business and the entertaining of new petitions for affiliation from both Brothers Clark and Ehrlich, the lodge then proceeded to vote on 2020’s set of elected officers. As expected by the membership, the following brothers were elected to their respective offices:

  • Honored Brother Ian Cawley as Worshipful Master
  • Honored Brother James “Ironblood” Elam as Senior Warden
  • Honored Brother Ryan Whittenburg as Junior Warden
  • Honored Brother Michael Lell as Treasurer
  • Worshipful Brother Dale Palileo as Secretary

True to Kenton fashion, the election was speedy and filled with the usual l0w-level levity and shenanigans.

Worshipful Brother Joseph Piazza was also elected as 4-year trustee. The lodge also balloted on this year’s Hiram awardee, to be presented during the lodge’s December stated meeting per lodge tradition.

RWB Moises Gomez then proceeded to give the Masonic education highlight of the evening: A presentation on Freemasonry and the Underground Railroad.

The brethren from Beaverton Lodge no. 100 also requested a traveling gavel from Kenton. They also presented  their own traveling gavel to WB Piazza.

And as the evening went on, perhaps the most touching moments of the meeting was when WB Piazza slowly walked around the lodge to hug and thank each brother in attendance as part of his Worshipful Master’s address. Teary eyed, he spoke briefly about his time in the Oriental Chair and congratulated the newly elected leaders of the lodge. In response, the brethren present gave WB Piazza a standing ovation — A clear example of the fraternity’s inclination for peace, harmony and brotherly love.


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