WB Piazza Holds Last Stated Meeting, Paves Way for Deuxième Année

Posted on December 14, 2019

Impassioned. Charged. Hilarious. Bittersweet. These will be the words brothers will use to describe Kenton’s December stated meeting in months and years to come.

The brethren present were first treated to honored Brother Valan Primus’ pork fried rice, which has been a hit with the brethren this year.

The lodge then opened after dinner and started with a Master Mason proficiency examination of Brother Kaid Collins, who was declared proficient by the Worshipful Master.

After calling down to the First Degree, several visiting brethren were then introduced:

  • The contingent of brothers from Mt. Hood Lodge no. 32 under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Washington, led by their Senior Warden Brother Will Lippl
  • VWB Mike Clemenhagen of Washington Lodge no. 4 also under the Grand Lodge of Washington
  • MWB Rich Gilmore, Past Grand Master of Masons in Utah
  • WB Mitch Obeid of Gresham Lodge no. 152

Regular visiting brothers Aaron Clark and Max Ehrlich were also recognized.

Hiram Award, with a Twist

After giving MWB Gilmore and WB Obeid the honors of the East, honored Brother Ian Cawley then proceeded to take the floor and made an emotional speech extolling honored Brother Junior Warden James “Ironblood” Elam’s contributions and exemplary character in the form of a mock Masonic charge as part of what he thought was the lodge’s surprise to award Brother Elam with a life membership.

Little did he know that his speech was part of a bigger plan by several brethren to present him with this year’s Hiram Award. Brother Elam then angrily responded with his own mock Masonic charges levied against honored Brother Cawley, outlining several  “crimes” intended to highlight Brother Cawley’s extensive contributions to the lodge and the brethren at large.

After their initial shock, confusion and several vocal protests, the brethren present finally caught on and laughed at some of Brother Elam’s charges. The entire lodge then erupted in more laughter when Brother Elam donned his “executioner’s mask” and furnished a chainsaw to pass the lodge’s judgment on Brother Cawley, which quickly turned into an emotional moment when the Worshipful Master and the Secretary met Brother Cawley west of the altar to present him with the lodge’s Hiram Award for the year, much to the approval and admiration of the brethren in the room.

As MWB Gilmore put it, he has never seen a Hiram Award presented in such a away in his 40 years as a Mason.

Presentations and More Presentations

And while that was the highlight presentation of the evening, there were other presentations made to several brethren throughout the meeting:

  • WB Joseph Piazza was presented with his Advanced Proficiency Card by WB Dale Palileo, fellow Advanced Proficiency cardholder and secretary of the lodge. Kenton now has three Advanced Proficiency cardholders and will surely grow as future brothers assume the responsibilities of the Eastern Chair.
  • Honored Brother Matt Richardson and Brother Manase Salema were presented with their respective Basic Proficiency Cards.
  • Honored Brother Junior Deacon Matt Richardson also presented WB Piazza with a personal gift consisting of a talking “genie’s lamp” to commemorate his very successful year as Master of the lodge.
  • Brother Will Lippl of Mt. Hood Lodge no. 32 presented the lodge a check for $300.00 to the Shriners Hospital for Children on behalf of Kenton Lodge no. 145 to commemorate their visit.

A Look into the Pledge of Allegiance

The evening wasn’t all about presentations and emotions. The lodge was also treated to a masonic education piece by WB Jim Emery on the origins of the Pledge of Allegiance.

A Proper Conclusion to a Very Successful Year

As the meeting drew to its conclusion, a visibly emotional Worshipful Master bid his final words to the brethren which was met with a standing ovation. He, along with his wardens, proceeded to slowly close the lodge, and to commemorate one of his final acts as the lodge’s Master, he embraced each brother in attendance during the closing charge.

After the meeting, the Past Masters’ Council then inducted WB Piazza into their ranks during their usual closed-door session.

WB Piazza’s retirement from the Oriental Chair marks the end of Kenton’s Year One campaign and paves the way for WM-Elect Ian Cawley’s year, dubbed as Deuxième Année. Supported by the Past Masters Council, this new campaign is partly a continuation of the Year One campaign and will focus on ritual excellence as well as more ritual assistance to lodges within the immediate Portland area.


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