YearOne: The First Month

Posted on February 19, 2019

When WB Joseph Piazza and his wardens assumed Kenton’s leadership late last year, there were mentions of 2019 being dubbed as “YearOne.” The lodge’s Past Masters’ Council approved it but was unusually tight-lipped. Wb Piazza mentioned it during his installation last December. Honored Brother Ian Cawley simply smiled when pressed for details, and honored Brother Ironblood would resort to a joke or two while puffing his cigar whenever the word was mentioned within earshot.

Many of the lodge members wondered what this thing called “YearOne” meant. Was it just another “Worshipful Master’s theme” that dictated lofty plans for the year, only to see the results fall short of expectations? Or was it just a misnomer for projects and activities that the lodge has been known for? The answer is both simple and complicated at the same time.

The simple answer is that YearOne is a beginning of sorts. It’s the beginning of an era that will hopefully continue for the foreseeable future as the lodge transitions from strengthening its internal processes and identity to becoming a resource for the Portland Masonic community and the community at-large.

So is it a year of Masonic and non-Masonic community service? Not quite, and this is where the complicated answer becomes apparent.

There are plans to do a better job at maintaining the building. Plans to further strengthen the lodge’s financial standing. Plans to add more Masonic education events and resources for all Portland-area Masons. Plans to solidify the lodge’s traditions and identity that have made it the lodge that it is today. Even plans to do better with the ritual and the business of Freemasonry.

Some of these have been apparent in January. Here are some of the notable events and activities that have transpired just a month into YearOne:

  • Hosted MWB Jim Morgan, Grand Master of Masons in Oregon during the lodge’s January stated meeting
  • Held a low-key poker night to benefit the Past Masters Council’s fundraising efforts
  • Started the #GOTOMONDAY social media campaign to raise more awareness of the Oregon Masonic Code among Masons
  • Successfully raised nearly $400.00 in less than 5 hours for the purpose of purchasing new white aprons
  • Opened up the lodge’s Monday Masonic Study Nights to the Portland Masonic community
  • Hosted brothers from Landmark Lodge no. 103 from the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Iowa

The lodge didn’t skimp on its usual activities either. It held its yearly officers’ training and practice a week after its stated meeting. It also conferred two Fellowcraft degrees.

With all these activities, the objective of YearOne becomes clearer: Over the last few years, the members of Kenton have been working on themselves; now they’re starting to reach out to help others.

We’re alive. We’re here to stay, and we’re here to help.

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