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Kenton Visits Willamette no. 2; Sees Doug Kirkbride’s FC Proficiency

A visit to Willamette no. 2. Doug Kirkbride's proficiency exam. Cinco de Mayo. A busy week for Kenton for sure.

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Doug Kirkbride Passes to Fellowcraft; WB Piazza closes lodge for the last time as WM

The lodge brothers make another Fellowcraft, with honored Brother Ironblood sitting as WM in the first section and honored Brother Richardson serving as senior deacon. More through the link.

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David Crymer: Kenton’s Last Entered Apprentice for 2019

Kenton makes another Entered Apprentice and declares another Entered Apprentice proficient. More info and photos through the link.

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Doug Kirkbride: Kenton’s Newest Entered Apprentice

Kenton makes Doug Kirkbride an Entered Apprentice Mason. Read more through the link.

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