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Kenton Raises Kyle Cisco to Master Mason Degree

There's no denying the fact that the recent pandemic has made meetings--and degree conferrals--a challenging affair. More so in a lodge that prides itself in doing high-caliber degree work north of twenty times during the span of a year. Which is why Brother Kyle Cisco's Master Mason Degree comes not just as a celebration of his achievement but also a celebration ...

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Kenton Passes Kyle Cisco to Fellowcraft

Kenton hosts its second degree of the year by performing the Second Degree on Brother Kyle Cisco.

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Kenton Starts Off 2020 with Entered Apprentice Proficiency Examination

WB Ian Cawley hits the ground running with a first Thursday meeting packed with a little bit of everything. Read more about what transpired through the link.

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Kenton Makes Kyle Cisco its First EA for the Quarter

After months of attending lodge as a guest, Kyle Cisco finally becomes one of Kenton's own. Read more about his Entered Apprentice Degree--and the brothers that made it happen--through the link.

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