Welcome to Freemasonry

Lodge BrothersA quick Google search about Freemasonry will give you millions of pages that explain what Freemasonry is, its origins and its goals. Some are great resources, expounding on the fraternity’s storied past and its virtues, and of course, some are dedicated to provide an alternative (though not necessarily true) perception of our beloved Craft.

Grand lodge websites for each state (Masonic-Oregon.com for example) and sites like this are great resources that offer a view of your local lodge and the people that make up its membership, but if there’s one defining theme that unites the fraternity, it’s this:

It’s a quest for nobler deeds, higher thoughts, and purer actions through the Masonic experience. 

You can read our histories and our culture for free through books and through websites, but you’ll be missing out on the most important aspect of becoming a Freemason, and that’s the experience we provide through our unwritten traditions and our ancient rituals.

This Masonic experience isn’t all about dressing up and attending a dinner a few times a month (although that’s always fun). It’s about going through a life-changing series of ceremonies, each imparting a specific lesson that only those who are ready to learn can understand and apply. It’s about challenging your beliefs and opinions, and having an open mind to other ideas through civil discourse. It’s about respecting the past, understanding the present, and planning for the future.  It’s about introspection, and the manifestation of our personal potential by being active participants in the improvement of our respective communities.

In short, it’s about improving yourself. 

If you’re ready, consider this an open invitation to join us in this journey. However, please don’t take this decision lightly. Contact us through the form below and arrange to meet some of our members and decide if this gift we offer–the gift of association and education–is something that you would cherish and value.