Kenton Hosts An Intermediate School of Instruction

Posted on June 30, 2023

With its rich tradition of continued learning and growth, Kenton Lodge recently hosted an enlightening Intermediate School of Instruction, skillfully led by the Worshipful Grand Lecturer Dale Palileo. The School, focusing on the intricacies of the working sections of all three Masonic degrees, provided the Brethren with invaluable insights and opportunities for personal development within the work.

A Deep Dive into Degree Work

The Intermediate School of Instruction took a structured approach, systematically delving into the crucial work carried out during each of the degrees. It began by exploring the indispensable contributions of the Stewards, then progressed to dissect the Deacons’ roles, and concluded with an in-depth study of the pivotal duties of the Master and Wardens.

This comprehensive exploration provided a rare opportunity for the Brethren present to thoroughly grasp the finer points of degree work. Whether it was understanding the symbolism embedded in the ritual or learning the precision of Masonic movements, the Brethren left the School of Instruction with a heightened understanding and appreciation of the Craft.

Path to Proficiency: Qualifying for the Next Steps

Attendance at the Intermediate School of Instruction opened up a significant pathway for the Brethren in their Masonic journey. Having participated in this School during the Masonic year, they are now qualified to read for their Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced proficiency cards. This marks a significant milestone in their Masonic progression, as they seek to deepen their understanding and application of Freemasonry’s time-honored lessons.

Connecting on a Deeper Level

The conclusion of the School of Instruction did not mark the end of the evening’s events. The Brethren reconvened upstairs to partake in the bond of fellowship, sharing their reflections and insights gained during the Instruction.  These moments of camaraderie served as an affirming end to an enlightening evening, demonstrating the balance between the pursuit of knowledge and the nurturing of brotherly bonds in the Masonic journey.

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