Annual Communication in Bend, Oregon

Posted on June 3, 2023

Worshipful Master Blake Presswood and his Wardens Manase Salema and Valan Primus recently embarked on an enriching journey to Bend, Oregon, to participate in the 173rd Annual Communication. This Grand gathering of Masons from across the state, and from many far-off places, offered a unique opportunity for shared learning, fellowship, and the strengthening of Masonic bonds.

Traveling together to Bend, the Master and Wardens reveled in the anticipation of the event. The journey itself was a testament to their unity – a shared adventure that set the tone for the enriching experience to come.

The 173rd Annual Communication: A Confluence of Masonic Wisdom and Fellowship

Upon arrival, the Brethren were welcomed into a gathering that represented the vibrant diversity of Masonry in Oregon. The 173rd Annual Communication was an enlightening confluence of Masonic wisdom, shared insights, and spirited fellowship.

Through presentations, legislation, discussions, and votes, the Master and Wardens gleaned valuable insights into the Craft and its future direction. The event also provided an opportunity to discuss Kenton’s initiatives and accomplishments, contributing to the collective Masonic dialogue.

The Brethren were happy to congratulate Most Worshipful Brother Mark Posler on a fantastic year in the Grand East and to wish MWB Craig Sipp the best as he embarks on his year at the helm of Oregon Freemasonry. Kenton Lodge was also honored that two of its members were installed alongside MWB Sipp:

  • WB Grand Lecturer Dale Palileo, Kenton Past Master (2014) and sitting Lodge Musician
  • WB Grand Musician Ian Cawley, Kenton Past Master (2020) and sitting Lodge Secretary

Deepening Bonds and Creating Memories

Beyond the formalities of the Annual Communication, the Brethren found time for fellowship and exploration. The natural beauty of Bend provided a stunning backdrop for shared meals, conversations, and laughter. These moments outside the formal setting of the Communication deepened the bonds between the Master and Wardens and their fellow Masons from across the state and beyond.

The 173rd Annual Communication in Bend, Oregon, was an unforgettable journey for all who attended. The event served as a powerful reminder of the strength and unity of Masonry in Oregon. As the Master and Wardens returned to Kenton Lodge, they carried with them not just the wisdom shared during the proceedings, but also the memories of fellowship and Brotherly love that epitomize the Masonic experience.


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