The Kenton Horde Visits Mt. Hood Lodge No. 32

Posted on June 23, 2023

The vibrant energy of summer was in full swing as the Kenton Horde, heeding the Worshipful Master’s call, gathered for a visit to Mt. Hood Lodge No. 32 F. & A.M. of Washington. Embracing the spirit of fraternity and fellowship, the Brethren from Kenton Lodge embarked on an evening brimming with joy, music, and Masonic traditions.

The evening commenced with a delicious meal and a convivial atmosphere that truly encapsulated the joyous spirit of Masonic brotherhood. The lively gathering was further enlivened by the colorful array of Hawaiian shirts, a fitting testament to the summer season and the vibrant personalities of the Brethren in attendance.

As the meal wound down, the delicate notes of a harp began to fill the air. An enchanting performance by a Brother Ivan Mancinelli-Franconi provided a perfect transition from the lively fellowship to the proceedings of the Lodge meeting. The ethereal music captivated all in attendance, setting the tone for the meaningful events to follow.

Endings, Beginnings, and Musical Interludes

The Stated Meeting of Mt. Hood Lodge No. 32 marked not just the end of their Masonic year but also their annual elections, infusing the room with a sense of anticipation and renewal. The Kenton Horde was not just a witness to these pivotal moments; they actively participated, receiving back their gavel which had been claimed by Mt. Hood Lodge when they visited Kenton Lodge a few months back.

A unique highlight of the evening was the presentation of a “Traveling Masonic Eight Ball” by the Kenton Brethren to Mt. Hood Lodge. This treasured item, which now resides with Mt. Hood Lodge, symbolizes the enduring chain of our Fraternity which connects Lodges and brothers across the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Mt. Hood Lodge is the new owner of the Eight Ball for as long as they would like and it is their responsibility to pass it on to another Lodge when the time is right.

The meeting was also punctuated by two musical numbers that added a distinctive charm to the proceedings. One of the performances offered a melodic recap of the adventures that the Mt. Hood Brethren had embarked on throughout the year and was quite entertaining.

As the sun set on this memorable evening, the Brethren of Kenton Lodge left Mt. Hood Lodge with hearts filled with the joy of shared experiences and the strength of brotherly love. This visit not only fostered a deep sense of camaraderie but also demonstrated the unique and vibrant ways in which Freemasonry thrives across different Lodges.

Photos:Visit to Mt Hood 32 01Visit to Mt Hood 32 02

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