Joe Dufresne: Entered Apprentice

Posted on October 17, 2014

Last night, Mr. Dufresne became known as Brother Entered Apprentice Joe Dufresne as he went through the symbolic and physical western portals of Kenton. While we had a few brothers who couldn’t make the event for one reason or another, the pleasant surprise of brothers from different lodges in attendance as seen in the photos below made the degree a successful one for BEA Dufresne.

As with all of our degree conferral news, we’d like to extend a heartfelt thanks to the following brothers for their assistance:

  • WB Michael Robinson of Esoterika No. 227 for serving as Treasurer during the opening ceremonies, Junior Warden during the actual conferral and for the apron lecture
  • WB Kent Cox of Sandy Lodge No. 158 for serving as Treasurer during the closing ceremonies
  • Brother Steve Marcarelli of Gresham Lodge No. 152 for filling in the secretary’s seat and for functioning as our Senior Steward during the degree proper
  • Brothers Michael Benson, Bryan Tranel and Tim Kretchmer for their excellent roles as Chaplain, Junior Deacon and Organist, respectively

Joe Dufresne Entered Apprentice Degree Alternate Group Photo


Joe Dufresne and the Worshipful Master for 2014


Brother Steve Marcarelli


WB Michael Robinson


Various Brothers with the Candidate

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