Ian Cawley Confers His Second Entered Apprentice Degree, Initiates Russ Wickless

Posted on July 24, 2018

The temperature in the lodge room was typically hot last Thursday, but that didn’t stop the brothers from conferring the Entered Apprentice Degree upon Mr. Russ Wickless.

The evening started with a breathing exercise led by honored Brother Historian Ryan Whittenburg, but with a slight–though certainly welcomed–modification: The brethren present formed a chain of union instead of just forming a large circle before proceeding with the usual breathing exercise.

The evening also saw honored Brother Senior Deacon Ian Cawley assuming the Oriental Chair for the second time this year. While his first performance was stellar in its own right, Brother Cawley’s near-flawless second performance has essentially raised the bar. He’s now looking forward to conferring the Fellowcraft Degree soon, which will make him eligible to sit as Senior Warden next year if chosen to do so.

Brother Wickless is the second of three candidates that were voted in by the lodge during its June stated meeting. He follows Brother Entered Apprentice Carl Lucas who was initiated late last month.


EA Degree - Russell Wickless - Official Pose

EA Degree - Russell Wickless - Kenton Pose

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