Kenton Returns from Going Dark; Holds Jam-Packed Stated Meeting

Posted on September 9, 2022

September is usually regarded as a busy month in Masonic lodges all over the state. Lodges return from summer to resume the work of Freemasonry, starting with a regular business meeting where the plans and activities of the lodge for the month–and perhaps the remainder of the year–are discussed.

This was certainly the case last night as Kenton Lodge no. 145 held its stated meeting after going dark for the month of August.

The brethren present were treated to a deliciously catered meal consisting of several Chinese dishes and lodge favorites. Afterwards, honored Brother Blake Presswood, the lodge’s junior warden, dropped the gavel to start what would be his first time opening–and presiding over–one of the lodge’s stated meetings due to the absence of the lodge’s worshipful master and senior warden.

Several brothers also sat in pro-temporé positions:

  • Brother Manase Salema as Senior Warden
  • Worshipful Brother Joseph Piazza as Junior Warden
  • Brother Michael Milford as Senior Deacon
  • Brother Aaron Clark as Junior Deacon

WB John Fitzgerald and WB Chad Budrow, visiting brothers from North Bank Lodge no. 182 (under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Washington) were introduced, with WB Budrow being invited to the honors of the East.

The lodge also saw WB Dale Palileo, secretary of the lodge, presenting WB Joseph Piazza with his very own gold Isis wings to commemorate and recognize his attainment of an advanced proficiency card.

Several petitions were also read, along with the assignment of the usual investigation committees.

During the Good of the Order, honored Brother Blake Presswood addressed some of the misconceptions and confusion surrounding the lodge’s leadership. He highlighted the lodge’s commitment to transparency and promised an “open door policy” for any brother who may have concerns. He also promised a return and a strengthening of old Kenton traditions and thanked all the brothers for their support as he prepares to assume the Oriental Chair in 2023.



September Stated Meeting - Official Pose

September Stated Meeting - Kenton Pose

1 Reply to "Kenton Returns from Going Dark; Holds Jam-Packed Stated Meeting"

  • Bro. Russell Wickless
    September 10, 2022 (12:57 am)

    Sounds like it was an amazing night. Can’t wait to sit in lodge again with all of my brother next year!

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